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Whether you are a couple for a day or a year, you probably want to explore new horizons with your Escorts IN RT Nagar partner. Today it is towards the sexual horizons that we will go and more particularly that of sex toys and the use of sex toys.

You may have used it solo already, but have you ever tried the experience together?

Indeed, more and more popular, sex toys are no longer reserved for singles but are used by many couples looking for new sensations.

What is a sex toy?

Above all, a reminder for those who are already lost: a sex toy is, as its name suggests, a “sex toy”.Existing since the dawn of time, they are generally used to give pleasure alone but can very well fit into a sex life of a couple, even fulfilled. A vast majority of sex toys manufactured today are dedicated to female pleasure like for Escorts in RT Nagar Road yet though more and more man and couple toys have emerged in recent years. Previously very basic, they are now little jewels of technology devilishly effective and very widely acclaimed around the world.

The demand is such that today there are tens of thousands of different models. What to lose your head! That’s why before going headlong to the sex shop in your neighborhood to buy a sex toy, it is better to ask a few questions.

How do you know if you can use a sex toy in your relationship?

The first thing to know is: Is your desire to try sex toys reciprocated? If you are not sure, take the time to talk to your Independent escorts in RT Nagar Road. The subject may seem challenging to discuss, but it is essential to communicate about your desires within the couple. Also, these discussions can be quite exciting in them and will be a good starting point to go further in your naughty explorations. Be honest and straightforward, ask yourself specific questions to learn more about what excites you both.

What sensations are you looking for in bed?

Above all, do not try to impose your desires and listen to his own to determine which type of sex toy you want to guide.

How to choose your sex toy?

If you feel that the adventure is also of interest to you, you can start looking for the perfect sex toy for your couple.

A tip, prefer to do your sex toy shopping together, whether in a physical shop or on a specific online site, to already get in the mood and make the moving hand in hand.

To help you make your choice of sex toys, here are the main categories of sex toys that exist on the market today and the different configurations in which you can use them.

Note that, although there are sex toys specifically for couples, the accessories initially planned for solo play can quite become faithful companions in your two-to-one games.

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Choose a soft feather sex toy


      • For those who are not sure if they are ready or who do not know exactly where to start, there are many little sexy accessories to warm up your parties with minimal risk and put your five senses to the test, according to Escort services in RT Nagar.

      • Try for example a massage evening with scented oil or a special candle whose wax melts gently to make your caresses more sensual.

      • Why not tease her with a delicate feather duster? You can also use a headband or mask on your eyes or hers.

      • Without a view for a few minutes, you can focus your energy on the sensations.

      • If you both like things a little bit fuller, think of handcuffs, whips and whips of small size or why not the paddles, these accessories thought especially for the spanking.

      • Classic sex toys to use at two

      • If the experiment was conclusive, you are ready for you the higher level is the sex toys strictly speaking.

      • Let’s start with the most popular female stimulators for Call girls in RT Nagar Road.

    They can be internal or external

    As you may know, the excitement in men and women are very different, and the woman usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the level of stimulation required for penetration. That’s why it can be very favorable to think about using sex toys for women during your foreplay. With Bangalore Escorts You will then have the choice between external stimulators, to stimulate the clitoris, or internal to stimulate the vagina and the G-spot.