Perfect Details for a Perfect sex experience with the Escorts In JP Nagar Now

1) Why practice the quickie?

The quickie is an intense moment, beastly, without preliminary or so little. It is a moment when desire takes precedence over everything. It is not a question of prolonging the pleasure, on the contrary: the very principle of the quickie lies in the speed of execution. It is to make love quickly done well, or even severely done sometimes, but fast. It’s about losing control, letting go, and spontaneity first and foremost.

Most importantly, the quickie usually takes place “when you do not expect it”, that one is supposed to do something else or be somewhere where one would have probably never dared to have sex.

2) Where to practice sex in a hurry?

The answer is simple: almost everywhere. This can be at home, in different rooms of the house (let’s leave our bed a little quiet, see!)But it can also be in the toilets of a bar/restaurant, in a car, in changing rooms and many other unusual but exciting places. This is the advantage of the quick shot: disappearing radar screens for a few minutes do not wake you up.

Moreover, having sex in such cramped and inadequate places (although I think that all areas are suitable for sex, except perhaps a graveyard) always brings a little more spice when one is afraid of getting caught (by the TGV controller for example).

3) When to practice quickie, quick sex?

Your guests are not going to delay, while your partner is waiting for his tea to infuse, while you are bored at a party. But also when you wake up because you are already ready, you have to go quickly because you may be late but on the other hand, it’s a great way to start the day. Generally, a quickie is not planned. But if you tell the Call girls in JP Nagar that this may happen in the day, she will think about it every second. Escorts In Bangalore And it has more effects on her than you think! Never hesitate to raise the sexual tension by preheating it by sending him sex toys, or you can always send him this subtext that speaks of Quickie, a song by a great artist!

4) How to practice the quickie?

  • The answer is obviously “as you want”, but certain positions will allow you to reach orgasm more quickly while stimulating your partner to the maximum.
  • Doggie, for example, is very useful for men and directly stimulates the G-spot of Independent escorts in JP Nagar. Standing against the wall the pants on the ankles, it works too.
  • Having your partner on you also allows you to reach orgasm quickly.
  • The position of the spoon, too, is particularly valuable for a quickie: the fact that your partner has tight thighs will be delightful.
  • Generally, positions in which your partner has legs together are best friends for a quickie!
  • If you know that your Escorts in JP Nagar partner usually needs a lot of preparation before you receive, maybe planning small doses of lubricant, you are not there to damage it either.

5) And my partner, in all this?

Of course, you will probably be the only one to reach orgasm during a quickie, but that does not mean that your JP Nagar escort partner will not find his account. Your animal and wild desire will excite him enormously. Her pleasure, she will pull from your passion, from your desire for her here and now, the love that you manifest in desperate want to be in it.